LIMBAUGH: Cheney Is Exactly Right On Iraq

RUSH: 9/11 was huge.  It was the first attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor, and the threats were all over the place that more were coming.  It couldn’t be treated as a one off.  Any responsible adult in leadership in this country had to take things seriously.  Going into Iraq, there were two things in mind: Prevention and then the democratization, hoping to establish a beacon of freedom. This was always a long shot.

But preventative action, this is always a debate.  Wouldn’t you rather the cops stop a crime against you than have to wait ’til afterwards to punish somebody?  That’s what we were talking about here after 9/11.  If we had evidence that one was coming, another, we were gonna prevent it from happening.  That’s what this was all about.  Cheney is exactly right, and he said to Megyn Kelly:

“We had an overwhelming vote of approval from Congress twice, more votes for the action than we’d had in Desert Storm 10 years ago.”  True.  “Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, numerous others spoke to the difficulties the intelligence that all of us saw with respect to the threat, but in ’98 they were all in favor of just this exact thing” that Bush and Cheney did.  He said, “It would have been irresponsible for us not to act.  We did do the right thing.” 

In their view, they left circumstances where there was a possibility for American an presence on the ground to stabilize, to keep the place stabilized and keep it relatively peaceful, to prevent an outbreak of what’s happening.  It was Obama couldn’t wait to get us out of there to placate his pacifist, childish, immature, selfish base, which is why we are where we are.

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