LIMBAUGH: Castro’s Death A BIG-TIME Teachable Moment

RUSH: And we’ve got still to discuss Castro.  Look, this is a teachable moment, a big-time teachable moment, the death of Fidel Castro and the way that death was treated by many, if not most, of the American media and the Democrat Party with a couple of noted exceptions, one of the exceptions being Pelosi.

But the most accurate take, the most accurate reaction, the most dead-on public statement about the death of Fidel Castro came from Trump.  Obama’s was neutral.  You know, Obama, Castro, that’s the kind of thing Obama, all these leftists, these Social Justice Warriors, they admire what they think Castro was trying to do.  He had free health care for everyone.  Never mind that nobody could access it.  It’s just absurd.  I can’t wait to share with you a story in the Washington Post about this.  It’s sick.  It is dangerous how wrong, how factually incorrect, how attitudinally, how ideologically wrong this is.  It’s dangerous.  It’d be one thing if it was from a kook, obscure conspiracy website, but this is in the Washington Post.

Did you hear what Brian Williams said?  He said people in Cuba prefer donkey-drawn carts to automobiles.  The people of Cuba prefer to be driven around by donkeys in carts rather than the 1950s and ’60s automobiles, which are the newest that you can find in Cuba.  They prefer it.


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