Limbaugh: Can You Imagine If The GOP And The Tea Party Unified?

RUSH: “The president gets low marks for his handling of both foreign policy and the economy. … By a wide margin, more continue to think the country is off on the wrong track [63%] rather than headed in the right direction.” No matter where you look, there’s opposition to this, but there’s no action behind it!  Wherever you look, the president is held in disfavor.  Presidential approval, policy by policy. There’s universal opposition, and yet there’s no push-back to any of it. 

There’s abject fear of pushing back.  This is one of the most amazing things.  We’ve got people caving left and right.  There’s no desire to stop this and fight back against it, despite the polling data.  I held a story from yesterday, in yesterday’s Stack.  Daniel Horowitz wrote a piece about something I’ve been saying since the 2010 midterms.  The sum hotel of his piece was you had this massive landslide defeat for the Democrats.

They lost over 760 seats nationwide! It was huge.  Tea Party.  The Republicans were the sole beneficiaries of this, and it was about the debt and it was about Obamacare.  Mr. Horowitz says (summarized), “Can you imagine what would have happened if the Republican Party and the Tea Party, if these forces had unified?  Can you imagine the powerful coalition and force opposing the Democrat Party? Can you imagine what it would be?”

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