Limbaugh: “Bumps In The Road” The 39 Second Soundbite That Is ‘DYNAMITE’ For Obama

RUSH:  Folks, that 39 seconds is dynamite.  Let’s go to the top here.  “The question presumes that somehow we could have stopped this wave of change.”  Mr. President, you fueled it!  You wanted credit for it!  Nic Robertson of CNN is over there in Tahrir Square asking all these rioters, “Are you happy with what President Obama said about young people getting jobs?  What is your opinion, what would you say to President Obama?”  And these guys are saying, “Who?  He’s got nothing to do with this.  We’re taking over the –” Obama tried to claim credit for this.  This was a democratic uprising.  He said that this was happening in the image of his ’08 campaign.  He tried to get in front of this and make it look like he, The Messiah, had inspired what was going on.  And now he dares say that the question presumes we coulda stopped this?

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