Limbaugh BRAVELY PREDICTS ‘Democrats Will Continue To LOSE Elections’

RUSH: It is a Pew poll I found from Breitbart. “Most Americans Say the Democrat Party Has Become Too Statist.” By the way, this is why I love it when Trump’s out there doing his rallies. You’ve probably heard him say, “In America we don’t worship government; we worship God.” This is a twofer in the sense that both assertions literally cause insanity among Democrats and leftists. A, they do worship government, and, B, they don’t believe in God.

There’s even a C: They really hate people who do. They mock them; they make fun of them. People who make it known that they are deeply religious, devoutly religious, believe in God? Those are problematic people to people on the left. So here comes Trump dropping these little miniature nuclear political bombs every time he makes that statement. The Pew survey was conducted throughout the summer. Of 2,504 adults 18 years of age or older, 61% of Americans see the Democrat Party as too government centered.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking; it’s hard not to be cynical here. The fact of the matter is, I remind you again at my own great peril: Democrats continue to lose elections, don’t they? Despite — despite — the betrayal of the Republicans. Despite the claims of the Republicans to execute their promises and the failure to do so, the Democrats continue to lose elections. I will bravely predict that they’re going to continue to lose elections. I’ve seen stories in the last couple of weeks about their new campaign slogan.

Better jobs, better wages, better future, better whatever. Everything they’re doing — their phraseology, if you don’t dig deep into it — sounds moderate to conservative. Hillary Clinton had nothing to campaign on. You know, people mistakenly say that she had no message. She had such a message; it was rejected. This is the thing that you have to keep in mind. Whenever you hear the media or any election analyst say, “Well, of course Hillary lost.

“She was a lousy candidate. She had no message. She couldn’t tell anybody why she wanted to run.” That’s partially true. She couldn’t tell anybody because if she had she would have lost by an even larger margin. Don’t think the Democrats don’t have a message. Don’t think the Democrats are wandering aimlessly through the desert desperately trying to find an agenda. They’ve got one. They just don’t dare bear it. They just don’t dare tell people what it is.

And even despite that, people have picked up on it, as this Pew poll indicates. Of that 2,504 (a big sample) 18 years of age or older, 61% (a big number in any poll) “see the Democrat Party as too government centered, believing the state should be the only recourse for solving problems in society.” I think it’s great that so many Americans see the Democrat Party that way, critically. Sixty-one percent essentially say the Democrat Party’s become too statist.

The Democrat Party believes that the state, the government, should be the only recourse for solving problems. People think that’s what the Democrats stand for, and they heartily disapprove of it. “Among those surveyed, even substantial numbers of those describing themselves as Democrats or liberals believe the Democrat Party’s gone too far in turning to the government as the universal problem solver.” Do you know even single payer is having trouble in deep, dark blue, purple places? Jake Tapper really took it to Crazy Bernie yesterday on this.


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