LIMBAUGH: Bob Corker Is Representative Of The Media

RUSH: You have Bob Corker melting down today from the pressure of dealing with Trump. And that’s how I see this.

I see Corker as representative almost of the media in the sense that he simply can’t abide this guy. Now, ostensibly, he was an early-on supporter but now he says (summarized), “I would never support Trump again. I can’t believe I ever supported him! This is horrible! This is embarrassing. This is bad,” just like the media. They’re just people are beside themselves, and they thought… You have to put yourself in their shoes to understand the frustration.

First, go back to what I said, what they all believed on election night, a month before the election, two months before, six months before, one year before. They thought Trump was gonna lose in a landslide. They thought Hillary was gonna win this thing so big that it wouldn’t even be a contest. Even before Trump got the nomination… I mean, if it was gonna be Ted Cruz, they didn’t want to win with Cruz as the nominee. They wanted Jeb, and Jeb never was in it, and so the establishment was never really into the contest.

The Republicans on the Capitol Hill were planning on losing! They were structuring themselves to be the opposition, the minority opposition. They expected to lose! On the left, they believed every stinking poll that showed them and big data analysis that told ’em Hillary had a 93% chance of winning, 95%. So we know what happened. They have thrown everything they have at Trump, and when you get right down to it, they haven’t made a dent, as they define it.

Now, they have retarded the advance of the agenda, and that’s a big dent. But they’re no closer to getting rid of Trump than they’ve ever been, and that remains their focus. They’ve thrown everything. Everything that has ever worked in getting rid of an elected Republican, they have thrown at Trump. That’s been the most intense destruct-and-destroy attempt I have seen in my lifetime that has been aimed and focused on one person.

I mean, it outdoes anything they did to Nixon, and Trump lives. Trump breathes. Trump is not unhinged. He’s walking around smiling, and he’s fighting back on every one of these assaults. They are beside themselves with frustration. Nothing they are doing is accomplishing what they want. Stopping the agenda? It’s way down on their priority list. Getting rid of Trump — and not just getting rid of him. Humiliating him, humiliating everybody that voted for him, humiliating everybody in his cabinet.

It’s a total effort at total destruction, and it’s failing big time.


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