Limbaugh: ‘Big Money’ Supports ‘Big Government’

RUSH: My friends, there is a growing phenomenon in this country of crony capitalism taking place.  For example, there’s an old wives’ tale, an old myth that basically holds that big money, moneyed interests always support Republicans.  And that just isn’t the case anymore.  Big money supports government.  Major American corporations, corporate America doesn’t criticize big government at all. Have you noticed?  I have over many recent years.

I forget when I first noticed this but I remember the first time the realization hit me, I was genuinely surprised. Because I used to be a believer in this old wives’ tale.  Wall Street, big money CEOs were Republicans, because they wanted government out of their way.  That used to be true.  When it first started registering on me that that’s out the window and that major corporate interests now get in bed with government…

I can give you an example.  It’s not, by any stretch, the only one.  With Obama there are many of them, by the way.  But take a look at General Electric.  GE got in bed with Obama on green energy.  Obama was funneling federal money for research and development into green issues.  GE, of course, took it.  CEO ends up on an Obama commission on job creation and so forth.  GE’s not paying any taxes on $5 billion of profit.

They found a way to profit from being involved in government, and it’s not just GE.  More and more corporations are profiting from being involved in government.  Being involved in the EPA, being involved at the Department of Agriculture.  So the old idea that big money corporations or Wall Street want nothing to do with big government because it’s an obstacle, has gone out the window.  It’s now just the exact opposite.

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