Limbaugh: “Benghazi Is Perhaps Bigger Than The IRS Scandal”

RUSH: But, folks, let me tell you something. All of this, this IRS stuff, yes, it’s bad, and it’s easily explained, and it’s easily understood. It wasn’t fair. It’s mean. But at least so far we don’t know that anybody was killed. In Benghazi, four Americans are dead, and there still is not a legitimate explanation for why. Benghazi remains huge. Benghazi is perhaps bigger than the IRS scandal. I don’t want to put the Tea Party people on a lower rung of the ladder. That’s not what I’m doing here. But in terms of this IRS scandal, this is typical, this is Democrat Party power, unfair, cheating politics using an agency of the government to wage war on domestic enemies. But Benghazi, that is sheer, utter incompetence resulting in the four dead Americans.

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