Rush Limbaugh To Call Fox News’ ‘The Five’ Today

UPDATE LINK: Watch Rush On ‘The Five’

Limbaugh Calls ‘The Five’: Talks Immigration, Zimmerman, And Tarantula

RUSH: Oh, oh, by the way, H.R., are you listening? Call The Five people and tell ’em I’ll do it. I just checked. I’m gonna be on The Five this afternoon via telephone only, not camera. She asked yesterday. I got an e-mail from ’em at two minutes ’til five o’clock, I saw the e-mail about 20 minutes after five, I couldn’t, obviously, do it. Yes, it’s okay if you listen. (laughing) If they bring up Egypt, I’ll talk about Egypt. Yes, it’s okay to talk about Fox this afternoon. That is one of the things they want to talk about, all this drummed up controversy of my supposedly telling people not to watch Fox.

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