LIMBAUGH: Amount Of Electoral Power Democrats Have Lost Is ASTOUNDING!

RUSH: The amount of electoral power the Democrats have lost, particularly at the state and local level is astounding.  It is so great, folks, the depths of defeat, the great numbers of seats they have lost means that conservative grassroots could end up controlling the census in 2020, but could control politics at the local level for a generation because the Democrats simply don’t have the votes to stop a number of things.  They only control both legislature and governors in five states now out of 50.

As each day goes by and as I dig deeper into it, the depth of the Democrat loss, which has been cumulative.  It all didn’t happen on Tuesday last week.  It has been cumulative starting actually in 2010 in the most recent time frame.  You could even predate it to that if you wanted to.  But they are in a world of hurt, particularly at the state level, and that means at the local level, and that means at the grassroots level.  It is an opportunity for conservatives to be ascendant and in power for a time period longer than any conservative ever dreamed.

It is stunning when you get into it.  And I will do so in great detail later today maybe and in future programs, ’cause this is a seminal moment, this overwhelming defeat.  It’s just — even to me, and I have studied it each and every day, the depths to which the Democrat Party has sunk surprises and shocks even me.  Now, it won’t mean anything if we don’t do anything about it and with it, but there is a way to cement this power for a long time at the state and local level.  And that is huge.  Cementing this power at the state and local level is how we can overcome the vast majorities they have in these cities.


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