LIMBAUGH: Amnesty Is The Only Thing Trump Could Do To Possibly DERAIL Himself

RUSH: And this is the only thing — I’m going to tell you right now, I’m gonna go on record right now, this is the only thing that Donald Trump could do to possibly derail himself. How many times have I told you since the campaign that there’s nothing the media can do to destroy Trump? They didn’t make Trump; they can’t destroy him. The only person that can break the bond of Trump supporters and Trump is Trump.

And if, with that big push in the campaign on the wall and everything that that meant and the clear representation from Trump the candidate there wasn’t gonna be any amnesty and we are not — he said people that are here illegally could come back but they’re gonna have to leave and get in line. He alluded to the possibility of them coming back or staying or what have you, but he made it clear that there isn’t gonna be this amnesty for whatever numbers of millions of illegals that are here. And if this comprehensive immigration reform, if they ever get to it — look, it’s still a pipe dream right now. Still dealing with DACA.

But I’m just telling you that if the Democrats are perceived to get what they want on immigration, that will be the first potential real damage to Trump, in terms of busting up his base. That’s what the Democrats and the media have been trying to do since day one, is separate Trump’s base from Trump. They can’t. Only Trump could do it. But I’m not making any predictions. I haven’t heard enough to this to know what’s going on in there. I just can tell you what is going on, and that by itself is extraordinary.


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