LIMBAUGH: Amnesty Is The ‘Mother Of All Scams’

RUSH:  If you take a body of 11, 12 million immigrants who have an average education of tenth grade and you give them access to 80 different means tested welfare programs, including Obamacare, Soc. Security, and Medicare, who is going to pay for that?  There is polling data that shows overwhelming majority of such arrivals are not here to join the Tea Party. 

They believe in Big Government.  They believe in command-and-control government over their lives.  It’s just what they believe.  You throw this group of people into the mix with no assimilation and immediate access, and you’re overwhelming a system that’s already incapable of fulfilling its original purpose and charter.  Now, I don’t want to anybody misunderstand.  I’m actually thinking that Kaus here has nailed it. 

I just wanted to share with you a take on this that I found humorous in parts but interesting.  You know, I guess my quibble with Kaus would be that this was only meant to be a fig leaf and not a scam.  Immigration itself is the scam. It’s the mother of all — illegal. Amnesty is the mother of all scams.  But this securing the border talk is just a fig leaf that enables the real scam.  The scam is not the strategy.  That’s my quibble with what Kaus said. 

He’s laughing at the strategy.  He’s saying, “Can’t they come up with a better way to lie? Can’t they come up with a better way to scam us, can’t they come up with a better plan that will fool people?  Where’s Bill Clinton when we need him?  That’s what Kaus is asking.  So I don’t think their strategy is the scam.  Amnesty is the scam.  The substance of this is the scam, not the strategy.  That would be my quibble with Kaus’ take. 

But to each his own.

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