LIMBAUGH: America Is APPLAUDING That CNN Is Not Getting Any Questions At WH Press Briefings

RUSH: By the way, CNN’s report on this press briefing yesterday — and we’re getting back to the phones here just a second — it was audio only, and the audio was not released until after the press briefing. It was not covered live and that’s why Acosta was going nuts. He was claiming the White House was escaping accountability.

And CNN’s report — you’ve heard Acosta, you heard him act like a heckler, you heard him. He was out of control. He was heckling the press secretary about the cameras. CNN’s report on this says, “CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted White House press secretary Sean Spicer on the administration’s decision to ban cameras from the briefing room on Monday.” It’s not all what happened. Their reporter lost control. Their reporter made a fool of himself, pent up rage.

Put yourself in position of CNN, New York Times, Washington Post for a moment. You know the momentum on all this is shifting. They haven’t damaged Trump. Let me take that back. They may think the they. They haven’t got rid of Trump. The objective is to get rid of Trump. The objective is to make Trump so frustrated he just wants to quit. The objective is to frustrate Trump. The objective is to cause Trump to break and break down. The objective is for Trump to explode. The objective here is for Trump to realize you can’t beat them and to slink away.

None of that has happened. Can you imagine their frustration? They think they’ve got the guy dead to rights ever since the NBC Access Hollywood video. They think it’s just a matter of time. And what they’re discovering is that they are living daily in the reality of their own relative impotence. Their objective of getting rid of Trump has not been advanced. They’re no closer to it than they were on Inauguration Day.

And you, in their shoes, have got to imagine how frustrated they are, because they’ve shot everything they’ve got. They are breaking every rule of journalism and being applauded for it. They’re using anonymous sources, sometimes only one. They are acknowledging that they’re publishing things that aren’t true and that they’re engaging in what they’re doing just for ratings. But as far as the talent is concerned, the objective is to get rid of Trump. They are failing, and it’s got to be frustrating them to no end, and we had one of them boil over yesterday, Acosta.

So after it all happened, he goes back to CNN for his live shot, and the infobabe says, “Hey, Jim, it sounds like it was really rough in there. It sounded like Spicer was ignoring your questions.” Now, you heard the bit, right? He wasn’t asking questions. He was heckling. “Hey, Jim, it sounds like Spicer was ignoring your questions.”

ACOSTA: Sean Spicer has refused to take questions from CNN for weeks now. It has been going on for some time. You know, he may have taken a question here or there over the last couple of weeks, but we’ve largely been just blackballed during these briefings. We’re just not getting questions to the White House press secretary. That would not have happened in previous administrations. Fox News always got a question every day at the briefing under President Obama. This is a new thing that this White House is doing to us here at CNN and to a couple of other news outlets as well.

RUSH: And America is applauding, Jim. The way you’re treating Trump, you’re treating him with disrespect, and you have been from the get-go. CNN being treated this way is exactly what Trump voters supported and are applauding. And, by the way, this appeal for sympathy that you’re making, isn’t gonna happen. I mean, the irony of the Drive-Bys asking for sympathy over the way they’re being treated. Let the Drive-Bys focus on you, and you ask them for understanding and sympathy, see how far that gets you. Put that in the story, that you’re a weakling, that you can’t handle the big leagues, you’re begging CNN to cancel and not do the story. That’s how they would treat it if you asked for sympathy.



LIMBAUGH: Trump Admin Making Fools Of Media Like Teasing A Cat With A Laser Pointer

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