Limbaugh: ‘All Hell’ Has Descended Upon Brad Pitt’s Mom

RUSH: So Jane Pitt, Brad Pitt’s mom, writes a letter excoriating Obama, and all hell has descended on this woman. 

Democrats on Twitter are demanding that she die or be killed.  They are calling her names like the B-word and the C-word and so forth.  All she did was send a letter to the editor of the local newspaper in Springfield, Missouri.  She’s come out against gay marriage.  She has come out against Obama and Obamacare, pretty much everything Obama stands for.  And some of these tweets, for example: “The gay community made it possible for your son to be a star.  Die, you b-i-itch,” was a sample tweet.  So Jon Voight has come out and said, “Good for her.”  He added he agrees with the points of view that she expressed.

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