Limbaugh Airs Montage Of The ‘3 LIES’ Media Said After Trump’s Tax Speech

RUSH: Now, at the end of the program yesterday — let me just play for you what I said. Audio sound bite number 1. This was near the end of the program. I had to get in there, get it, and get out pretty quick, but this is essentially it.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Okay. Trump has begun his speech in Springfield on tax reform, just now getting into it. There are three lies that the media and the Democrats say after every Republican tax proposal. They are this: The Reagan or Bush tax cuts didn’t work. They then say the rich are not gonna be paying their fair share in this. And that it has to be revenue neutral. Those are the three things. You watch. After Trump finishes, those three lies will be part of the media reaction to whatever he says.

RUSH: That was at the end of the program yesterday. And now we have a montage of reaction to Trump’s speech in Springfield, once again illustrating that I know who these people are, and I know what they say. I know what they’re gonna say before they say it. I accurately can predict them. Our montage here is of Austan Goolsbee, Brian Klaas, Robert Wolf, Julia Chatterley, Anna Edgerton, Ron Insana, and Jared Bernstein, and these are all economic advisers, CNBC, CNN.

These are authors, these are people who’ve had contact one way or the other with the Obama administration. There are three things. They’ll say the Reagan or Bush tax cuts didn’t work, which of course they did. In fact, there’s a stunning stat about the Reagan tax cuts. They will say the rich are not gonna be paying enough, the rich are getting a break, the rich are not paying their fair share, and any proposal must be revenue neutral or we cannot support it. Now let’s listen to see if we hear any of that in this montage.



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