Limbaugh Airs Montage Of ‘MEDIA HOT TAKE’ That Everything Trump Does ‘DOESN’T LOOK GOOD’

RUSH: Last week I made this observation.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I just want to give voice to it, and it is the way the Drive-Bys set the table every day no matter what. I call it the media hot take, which is the first reaction to any new bit of news. I’m gonna present this in non-chronological order just to illustrate the point. But when somebody discovered or learned or what have you, that Melania Trump hasn’t moved into the White House, “That doesn’t look good.” Mike Pence and his wife have rules about public appearances. “That’s not a normal look. That’s not a good look.” Trump has put a lot of highly successful businesspeople in his cabinet. “That doesn’t look good. That looks bad.”

Trump talked to businesses about keeping jobs in the U.S. before he was sworn in. “That looks bad.” Trump didn’t want to keep the Obama outdoor play set at the White House because there aren’t any little kids running around. “That certainly doesn’t look good for the children.” Ivanka Trump was photographed sitting at her father’s desk in the Oval Office. “That had to be wrong!” Trump tweets before sunrise. “That’s not normal.” Trump tweets that he believes he’s been illegally surveilled. “That doesn’t look good. That’s not right.” We get it. Whatever the story is — they set the stage before they even get into the opinion of the story by characterizing it as “That doesn’t look good.”

RUSH: Okay. So I did that basically off the top of my head, improv, it was just something that struck me the night before, the day before. So the crack team in Cookieville decided to find evidence of this, and, lo and behold, we have been able to put together another montage. We must have five or six of these montages. The first one was gravitates, Dick Cheney being chosen vice president for George W. Bush. We have lots of people in this montage, and this proves my observational skills and my point.



RUSH: Mike Flynn Has Become The Repository Of Everything That Doesn’t ‘LOOK GOOD’

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