Limbaugh Airs Montage Of Media Attacking Trump After Texas Visit In Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

RUSH: We put together a montage. It was predictable. Before Trump got to Texas yesterday, I told everybody in this program, and it didn’t take a great brain, what they were gonna say. “Trump doesn’t care. Trump doesn’t have empathy. Nobody wants to hug Trump. Everybody wanted to be hugged by Obama.”

Obama was the biggest cold fish wrap. Obama was not warm and fuzzy. He was a cold, cold, calculating guy. And Bill Clinton could fake sincerity and fake sympathy and fake empathy like nobody. But before Trump even got to Texas, “Trump is such a pig. Trump such boor. Women are repulsed by Trump. People don’t want to be anywhere near Trump. Trump probably smells. Trump probably stinks. Nobody is gonna want to be hugged by Trump.” That was what they set up, and here’s a montage of them attacking Donald Trump yesterday, last night, and this morning.



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