LIMBAUGH: Advertisers Are Trying To STIFF Fox News Out Of Money

RUSH: Oh, he has a question about advertisers. What’s the question about advertisers?

CALLER: I noticed that very few of the conservative spokesmen and women rarely ever touch on the bias that exists between advertisers and the conservative the media. There are certain corporations that you will never see advertise on Fox, for instance.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But they’re all over the liberal media.

RUSH: Right. Why do you think that is, Kevin?

CALLER: Well, they’re trying to appeal to a particular audience, but they’re missing out on the other, what I guess is half the —

RUSH: No, that’s not what they’re doing. They’re trying to stiff Fox News out of money.


RUSH: Television advertising is a different bailiwick than the way we sell advertising here. It’s a totally different thing. They sell what’s called CPM, cost per thousand. And they do some direct result, meaning TV spots with an 800 phone number or something that they can measure and media reaction, response. They’re basically doing CPM, cost per thousand, meaning trying to reach as many people as they can with just a brand name or just a generic message.

But advertising agencies have what are called media buyers, and they come out of universities and they’re largely liberal, and they’re in the basements of agencies, and they have the budgets, and they determine where the money for any individual client is spent, and they will go with their political choices. This is not supposition. This is my business. This I know. Many of them are young women, and if somebody on the network is pro-life, I guarantee you that media buyer is gonna be hard-pressed to give any advertising revenue to that broadcaster. It’s the way it works.


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