LIMBAUGH: ‘Admitted COWARD’ Comey Is Giving AMMUNITION To Both Sides

RUSH: Let me give you the lay of the land in the outset folks. Nothing is going to change. The former FBI Director, the admitted coward James Comey, afraid to be in a room alone with Donald Trump, is giving ammunition to both sides. He made sure to drop some news on what he thought of Loretta Lynch trying to get him to change the name of the investigation to a ‘matter’. The bottom line is nothings gonna change.

He has told the Democrats and the media just enough for them to continue their narrative that Trump’s scum and a pig and violated the law, and he has given the Republicans enough ammo to take the position Trump didn’t do anything. In other words, nothing is gonna change here. When this is all over, nobody in media is gonna say, “You know what? We blew it!” Even though CNN… CNN’s gone pathological — total, total pathological — on this. And they’re gonna be pathological tomorrow, and they’re gonna be pathological tonight, because nothing today is going to result in the media or the Democrats gulping and saying, “Gee, we got this wrong.”

It’s not… I mean, the evidence is there that they got it wrong. But the way Comey’s explaining it to them as though he is Sigmund Freud, able to read minds. All he has to do is just throw them some crumbs here to keep their narrative going, and that’s what he’s done, and he’s done some of that for the Republicans as well. But given that… I mean, after having said that I could eliminate all discussion on this today because there’s really nothing more to tell you. But that’s not what we’re gonna do.



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