Limbaugh Admires Mandela’s Lack Of ‘Resentment’

RUSH: Let me give you what is, I think, one of the most amazing things I ever heard Nelson Mandela say. We had fun with Mandela when he was in New York, when he came to New York and went to Yankees Stadium.

But I’ll tell you, there are very few people that could have undergone what he went through and maintained any sense of dignity or optimism. Most people who had been through what Mandela went through would have spent the rest of their life enraged and bitter and angry and would have tried to get even. In fact, you might almost be able to make the point that there are people in this country who have not lived through horrible times who want to act like they have in order to occupy victim status, but Mandela really did it.

One of the most amazing things that he said — I love profundities, and I particularly love short, pointed philosophy.  Listen to this. “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” Is that not great?  And it’s great because it’s exactly right.  Resentment doesn’t do anybody any good. It is a poison unto itself, and you’ve seen people like this. You know people, you’ve seen ’em, who run around constantly filled with resentment or anger over the way they’ve been disrespected or mistreated, and they can’t let go of it.

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