LIMBAUGH: A Tax Cut For The Country Should Include Everybody Who Pays Taxes

RUSH: I’ve told you about my friends. Ha! I have a friend, I told you, the only reason he voted Trump was tax cuts. He believed everything Trump said on tax cuts, and he’s at a point in his life where he’s maxed out earning what he can earn. The only way, in his mind, he can have appreciably more disposable income is via a tax cut. He believed Trump, and this story came out over the weekend about the — and it’s not new. I mean, I predicted this some time ago, that the rich would not actually get one of these, and might actually have a surcharge.

He was fit to be tied, and he said, “Aren’t you?” I said, “I’ve gotta be honest with you: From the first moment that I began earning a lot of money, I have always thought Washington was gonna come take it from me.” I’ve always thought it. I don’t know how many years it would take, but the point is I’ve never expected a tax cut. I never expected one, because of the very politics that we just heard. There isn’t a politician under the sun since Ronald Reagan who wants to be seen as defending the rich or speaking up for them.

Because that’s the way it’s always cast. There are ways around it. You know, a tax cut for the economy, a tax cut for the country should include everybody who pays taxes if you’re talking about fairness alone. But because the issue’s been so demagogued, none of this actually surprises me, that the Republicans are not gonna cut the top personal rate. Never expected it to. I’ve always…

In fact (snorts), to be honest with you, I’ve been kind of amazed the rate hasn’t gone up in the last 10, 12 years. Bush did cut some of the top marginal rate, and look at the price he paid for it politically. But it wasn’t necessary. He could have defended himself, and he could have fought back on it, but you know how that drill went. I don’t want to spend the whole program on this, folks, and I’m not going to, but it’s just…

It’s a bugaboo of mine because there’s a way to do this that includes everybody that can benefit everybody. And the way they structure it, “There’s certain people we want to benefit, and there’s certain people we don’t — and the people we don’t want to benefit, we want you to know we’re not benefiting ’em because we know you resent ’em! And we’re gonna help you resent ’em even more and we’re gonna help you get even with ’em by not cutting their taxes.” That’s the simplest route to go.


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