LIMBAUGH: A Disturbing Day For Free Speech

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a disturbing day for free speech and this country, and it’s been trending. For 25 years… I don’t know. I’ve been thinking that at some point we’re going to bottom out or reach a point where a majority of Americans are just gonna put their foot down and say, “No more!”  But it hasn’t happened.

The fear and intimidation of average, ordinary Americans is at an all-time high — fear and intimidation that is silencing people.  I’ve been following a story for the past five days, and I purposely have not mentioned it, as I didn’t want to have any influence on the outcome.  I wanted to see where this went on its own. 

Yes, I’m talking about Brendan Eich from Mozilla.  I wanted to see where this went before I weighed in on it.  There is cowardice; there is totalitarianism. Political correctness doesn’t even get close to describing what this “story,” for lack of a better term, is all about. 

Suffice it to say that Brendan Eich is an average, ordinary guy who happens to be pretty brilliant. He’s a computer tech/engineer and one of the cofounders of Mozilla.  Now, you may not know the name Mozilla, but if you use the Firefox Internet browser, it comes from Mozilla.

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