Limbaugh: The Vast Majority Of Hispanics Do Not Hate Republicans

RUSH: There’s something more important here in all of this, and that is there’s a false premise that’s guiding all of this. I’ve talked about this before, too, but I really, really want to try to get down to the down and dirty, the nasty on this. The false premise is that if the Republicans don’t do this, they are finished as a political party, when in fact they probably are finished if they do do this. The false premise has been constructed by the Democratic Party, and the false premise is amplified by the media.

The false premise is that Hispanics hate Republicans.  All Hispanics do not hate Republicans.  The vast majority of Hispanics do not hate Republicans.  I think this premise has got everybody going in the wrong direction and for the wrong reasons.  It’s a double negative whammy.

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