KHammer: Susan Rice ‘Was A Dupe’

This Via FoxNation:
KRAUTHAMMER: Well, look the president himself in talking about her appearances on the Sunday shows, remember the angry news he gave a few months ago? Don’t pick on her, pick on me, she spoke on behalf of the president. And she did. And I do think it is his responsibility. So I don’t hold her responsible.

She was a dupe. She either was sort of sucked into this or was somewhat negligent not looking into it on her own. But clearly it was misleading, but it wasn’t her idea. It was obviously people in the White House and the State Department who wanted a story that would absolve the administration of a terror attack on the eve of an election, and a story that would essentially, you could blame America because some American had done a weird video which supposedly is the root of all evil here. So I don’t hold her responsible.

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