KHammer Nails Obama Super Bowl Interview: “Obama Knows How To Run, But He Can’t Hide”

This Via RCP:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The headline is that [Obama] knows how to run, but he can’t always hide. I think that the reviewer for the Washington Post, the media critic was right, it’s not exactly a right-wing rag, the Washington Post, said that it was a fair interview. He gave you high points. And I think on some issues, he was able to escape, but for instance on Sebelius, it’s true, he never answered it but he looked pretty weak. It was obvious he didn’t have an answer. But I was interested in the stuff you showed that wasn’t aired.

For example, on Keystone, I think he kind of escaped on that because he said — you said, ‘I assume you are going to approve it.’ And he gave you the stuff about well it’s got to be studied, we have got to get more input from the other departments and we have got to hear from Secretary Kerry. And you might have said, ‘Look there are a lot of things that might have been said.’ You must be kidding me, you are the one who makes the decision. Everyone knows that.

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