‘Just Say No’ RUSH: Nancy Reagan Was The Precursor Of The Hashtag

RUSH: Here is Bob in Albany.  Great to have you, sir.  The EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I just wanted to remind you that, remember the left, the same left that supported Michelle Obama and having a problem with what you said regarding her hashtag. Remember when Nancy Reagan had the, “Just say no” campaign for drug use for teenagers, and they came out and said, “Oh, gee, those are just words. No actions,” and Reagan and Nancy Reagan —

RUSH:  Well, yeah, I do, but it was worse than that.  It was not simply that Nancy Reagan was just uttering words.  It was silly to tell kids not to do it.  That wasn’t effective.  You can’t tell kids not to do drugs.  It’s like telling kids not to have sex. They’re gonna have sex anyway.  They’re gonna do drugs anyway.  They ridiculed Nancy Reagan, but Bob, it’s a great point.  Nancy Reagan, the precursor of the hashtag.  Do you remember this?  Every first lady has to have a cause.  It’s required.  Barbara Bush and Laura Bush, literacy.  Michelle Obama is — well, what?  It’s everything.  And Nancy Reagan was, “Just say no.”  Just don’t do it.  And she was ridiculed. I mean, the left and the media, and you may say they’re the same thing, but we had Hollywood types and elected officials and the media combined, and it was vicious.

And they said that’s simplistic; that’s not effective. It’s a waste of time. It’s ignorant.  What you mean, just say no?  And a lot of people, “Yeah, A, it’s good advice, just say no, don’t do it.”  It was a message that was aimed at parents.  Just tell your kids no. And it was a message aimed at young people, don’t do it, just say no. You got the option of drugs, don’t do it.  They ridiculed her because they claimed it was just words, and it was ineffective to boot, even if the words were listened to.  This is not how you reach kids.

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