Jesse Watters Hits New Jersey To Ask Folks About Christie’s ‘Bridgegate’

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This week, Jesse Watters took a short trip into New Jersey to find out how the people of Fort Lee felt about the “Bridgegate” debacle that has put their city on the political map in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, Gov. Chris Christie’s (R-N.J.) administration came under fire for an alleged political stunt that involved closing traffic lanes on the inbound approach to the George Washington Bridge, a crucial link to New York City and New England.

The New Jersey Turnpike, I-80, US-9W and the Palisades Parkway all converge just west of the iconic double-decker bridge, and traffic can mount quickly in the area with or without closures.

One man Watters interviewed nodded to that sentiment, saying that heavy traffic in the region is “part of life”.

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