“IT BOGGLES MY MIND!” RUSH: UN Climate Deal ‘Designed To Stop’ Hurricane Matthew

RUSH: I mentioned this to you yesterday.

There was a rumor, a story about an MSNBC reporter turned out to be true.

Ron Allen — a major, major credentialed Drive-By Media reporter working for NBC News — had been there for years. He was on MSNBC the Late Show, and he was talking about the upcoming United Nations “interpanel governmental” whatever it is on climate change.  And he said… He gushed about how Obama believes so deeply in protecting the environment, and that this U.N. climate change deal marks one of the most significant aspects of Obama’s legacy, because deals like this are designed to stop hurricanes like Hurricane Matthew.

So here you have an NBC reporter. Does he know better?  Is he really this dumb or ignorant to think that a piece of paper signed by a bunch of leftist nerds at the United Nations means the end of hurricanes?  Because somehow that piece of paper signifies action that major governments are gonna take to affect climate change.  They have been predicting the end of the world since 1980.  There hasn’t been any significant warming in the last 15 years.  That’s the thing I’ve been asking myself, for the last 48 hours (that’s two days, for those of you in Rio Linda) we’ve been tracking the direction of this hurricane.

And it’s been changing.  Every six hours, the hurricane track forecast changes, and it’s different somewhere along the track.  So I’m saying, “Why can’t we get a consensus of scientists to tell us where this thing’s gonna hit in the next 12 hours is? If we’ve got a consensus of scientists that tell us in 50 years there isn’t gonna be Miami, in 50 years the sea levels are gonna rise, in 50 years we’re gonna be scorched and roasted because the temperatures…

But we can’t find a consensus of scientists that can tell us where this hurricane’s gonna be in two days, and now we have an NBC reporter actually suggesting to people  — and the danger here is, how many people believe this?  We have a crisis of stupidity in this country that is born of the defects in our public education system for two generations now.  So here we have an NBC reporter lauding Obama and his great, great work on climate change.  By the way… I will not lose my place here.

Did you see Obama yesterday said that he’d met with the Joint Chiefs, and the single greatest national security threat this nation faces is climate freaking change?  It’s not Saturday Night Live, folks.  It is real-life American government, and Obama’s out there saying — and he’s got these Joint Chiefs. They gotta go along with it or they don’t continue to rise their career ladder.  And then he went on and said… Somebody said it, it might not have been Obama. Somebody said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah! This war in Syria? Climate change!  Climate change has had the number one impact on the war in Syria.”

Really?  Climate change is firing the bullets?  Climate change?

“Well, no, Mr. Limbaugh. Climate change is dictating the movement of the refugees.”

Oh, you mean they’re trying to escape Syria ’cause it’s so hot, not because bullets are flying?

“Exactly right, Mr. Limbaugh.  Now you’re getting it.  Climate change is causing all of these immigrants to leave Syria.”

Oh, it’s not the war, it’s not the gas attacks, it’s not that?

“No, no, it’s climate change!”

We got people telling us this.  Now we’ve got people telling us that if we sign this United Nations climate change deal, and this is gonna be like the third one, the aim is to stop hurricanes like Hurricane Matthew.  It’s just… It boggles my mind.


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