INDESCRIBABLE! RUSH: Remember How The Left Tried To Destroy Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld On Iraq

RUSH: This is almost indescribable, and yet it is the reality we face today. 

Starting in 2004, barely a year after George W. Bush invades Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussein, starting in 2004 and continuing all through 2008, the media and the Democrat Party launch a multiple-times-a-day assault. I mean, it’s all we heard on Bush about Iraq, about how it was wrong-headed, it was immoral, it was unnecessary. We should have been in Afghanistan. What business do we have in Iraq. 

They did everything, the Democrats, Obama. Even Obama’s speech in 2002 that put him on the map was about Iraq, about how dumb it was, how silly it was and we ought not ever be there and we shouldn’t ever go there and he was never gonna vote for it and blah, blah, blah.  Then we started with the body counts, and in the midst of all this there were other scandals supposedly surrounding Bush.  But for essentially five years the American media and the Democrat Party set out to summarily destroy the George Bush administration and primarily the second term, obviously. 

The news was filled each day with multiple stories about a supposedly plunging economy, that we were headed into a recession while employment was almost full, 4.7%, while the job situation looked good.  The economy was fine. It was soaring. We were coming out of two recessions and 9/11, and yet the media every day, every network beating Bush up, beating Cheney up, “No blood for oil.” Every day it seemed we had a story on how our troops in Iraq were nothing but terrorists.  John Kerry and John Murtha, you name it, it was never-ending. It was a drumbeat about how no way, no how should we ever be in Iraq.


The Democrat Party and its willing accomplices in the American media spent five years poisoning and polluting the minds of as many Americans as they could reach on how illegitimate the entire Iraq and War on Terror enterprise was, in essence.  When it became clear that the war in Iraq was part of the War on Terror, then they tried to distance it. “Oh, no, no, no, no! Iraq’s not part of it. That’s a sideshow that Bush did for whatever stupid reason. 

“The War on Terror is in Afghanistan!”  Well, how is that working out for the really smart people?  I am sitting here in total amazement — actually I’m not ’cause I know these people.  But still it’s surreal.  After five years of hearing how incompetent and inept and foolish and stupid and dumb George Bush was, “the cowboy,” and Dick Cheney, “Darth Vader,” and Rumsfeld! Remember? They tried to destroy all three of these men.

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