‘I Don’t Give a Damn What They Say’: Mark Levin Is ‘Sick And Tired Of Defeatist Republicans”

This Via Jason Howerton @ TheBlaze

Conservative radio host Mark Levin says he is “sick and tired of defeatist Republicans,” especially after watching GOP leaders in both the House and Senate fail to even try to attach any conditions or reforms to the debt ceiling increase passed this week.

Appearing on “Your World With Neil Cavuto” on Friday, Levin went off on Republicans for failing to address the nation’s serious fiscal problems because they are too worried about winning elections.


When asked if it annoys him that conservative radio hosts like him and Rush Limbaugh are routinely blamed for making things harder for the Republican Party, Levin responded: “I don’t give a damn what they say, I don’t work for them and they mean nothing to me.”

In fact, he added, if it were up to him, many of the establishment Republicans would be voted out of office.

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