HILARIOUS! LIMBAUGH: Bill Clinton’s Statement On The Rehabilitation Of Harvey Weinstein

RUSH: Bill Clinton has a statement on the upcoming rehabilitation of Harvey.

ANNOUNCER: Now, William Jefferson Clinton on the rehabilitation of Harvey Weinstein.

“CLINTON”: My fellow Americans, I’m here today on behalf of an old family friend, Harvey Weinstein, who is right now making amends for some unfortunate —

“WEINSTEIN”: Oh, come on, come on, come on.

WOMAN: Keep your hands to yourself!

“CLINTON”: — behavior.

“WEINSTEIN”: (disgusting laugh) Oh, come on, come on, come on.

“CLINTON”: But it will take some time. Harvey is an old dinosaur learning new tricks.

“WEINSTEIN”: Come back to papa. (kissing sounds)

“CLINTON”: Trick number one —

WOMAN: No! No!

PRODUCER: Harvey? Shut the door.

“WEINSTEIN”: Oh, yeah. Sorry. (door closes)

“CLINTON”: Everyone in Hollywood loves Harvey’s power and money, and we will forgive and forget the fact that for a moment he lost control of himself and acted like Donald Trump for 20 —

“WEINSTEIN”: Uh, 30 years. (door opens/closes)

“CLINTON”: Thirty years.

WOMAN: (crying) No, keep your hands to yourself.

“WEINSTEIN”: (disgusting laugh)

“CLINTON”: Soon, he will be a changed man who respects women for who they are, not for their —

“WEINSTEIN”: (making creepy disgusting sounds)

WOMAN: (crying) I’m not that kind of girl! Go away! (door closes)

“WEINSTEIN”: (disgusting laugh)

“CLINTON”: Trick number two. Wait until you are rehabilitated to do it again.

“WEINSTEIN”: (making creepy disgusting sounds)

RUSH: William Jefferson Clinton on the rehabilitation efforts of Harvey Weinstein. That was obviously produced in a hotel suite somewhere.


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HILARIOUS! RUSH: Hidden Audio Captures Bill Clinton Trying To Cure Harvey Weinstein

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