Has Rush Found The Beginnings Of A Prop 30 Backlash In CA?

RUSH: Ethan Anderson.  Again, I don’t know what his politics are, and he’s really not my focus here.  It’s still a fascinating piece.  For example, subheads in his piece: “Prop 30 hits entrepreneurs the hardest.”  He defines who an entrepreneur is. Works hard, invests his own money, borrows a lot of money, often works without a salary, creates jobs. The people that this country’s waging war against right now.  Entrepreneurs.  The people Romney was talking about.  I don’t know. Some of this I intellectually do not understand.  These kinds of people voting for Barack Obama or Jerry Brown or a Prop 30.

And then there’s a subhead piece here:  “What Prop 30 will mean for California’s entrepreneurs,” and it ends up talking about the exodus from the state of California that will happen here by these people.  Once they realize that, as he mentions, Willie Sutton said, “Why do you rob banks?  That’s where the money is.”  Why do you pass Prop 30?  Because you gotta raise money where people have it.  So they are the targets, and they just voted to make themselves targets.  This state votes Democrat massive majority numbers every election.  Local, state, doesn’t matter, other than a few small congressional districts. 

The point of all this is that I could be holding in my hands here the very, very small beginnings of a bit of a backlash.  And we’ll take it, if it’s happening.  If it does happen, it’s gonna be small, and it’s a little late, but it still may be happening. Again, it may mean nothing, but it still fascinated me.  I wanted to share it with you.

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