HALLELUJAH!! RUSH: You Will Be DAZZLED By The SPEED In Which Proud TEXANS Will Recover

RUSH: Gayle King, who is the friend of Oprah, said, “Governor, the Houston police chief said the scenes down there break your heart. But it’s Texas, and they will get through it.”

ABBOTT: Exactly. And one thing he was talking about that you all were talking about earlier, and that is, not only the way the first responders were able to help out, but you’ve seen countless stories about the way fellow Texans have come together, bringing up their own boats helping to rescue their fellow Texans. This is typical Texans helping each other. We rally behind each other in times like this, and I could not be more proud of my fellow Texans about the way they have helped their neighbors respond to this challenge.

RUSH: By the way, let me echo that. As you people know, as a powerful and influential member of the media I’m a well-traveled person, and I have spent a lot of time in “Tex-iss.” It’s not “Texas.” “Tex-iss.” There’s an i-s-s on the end of it: “Tex-iss.” And I’ve been there. And there is something to this notion of a Texan culture. Now, I’m sure people in California think they’ve got theirs and Oregon or what have you, but there is something to what he’s saying here. I’ve seen it. Texas is a red state. But Austin, of course, is a very blue state capital. It’s got its blue areas, got its universities.

But there is a unification of culture in Texas that is unique, and I’m sure the same thing could be said of other states as well. I remember when the earthquake in… What would it have been, 1989, ’88 out in San Francisco during the World Series? They actually lost the section of the Bay Bridge, I think, on the upper level. I remember I had lived in Northern California. In fact, I’d moved to New York from Northern California. I just had the sneaking suspicion that people there would get this taken care of, that they would fix it, that it would come in ahead of schedule — and it did.

All kinds of construction companies out there got in gear. The same thing is gonna happen here in Texas — “Tex-iss.” Once they’re able to get moving, you’re gonna be dazzled by the speed with which they move down there. Proud people. They’re all Americans. They don’t feel distinct and separate; don’t misunderstand. But there is a pride in being a Texan. I mean, it even extends to the fact that Texas women are different from women elsewhere in the eyes of guys in Texas — and if they believe it, then it’s true.

If it’s in your heart, if you believe these things, it’s true. So what they’re saying here about the unification efforts in Texas and the distinct culture that’s gonna tackle this, I’ve seen it. I have no doubt that it exists. Right on the money.


RUSH: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Let me tell you something. People respond to expectations. We have created in our country this idea that people are a bunch of babies and have to be led and have to be told what to do, and basically don’t want to do things. You throw something like this out, “We need you. We can’t do it all,” I maintain that human beings as naturally created, constructed, what have you, respond to expectations.

Now, look, there’s expectations to everything, I know. Some people, no matter what you do, are just gonna be slothful. But for the most part, on balance, people will — that’s what’s wrong with liberalism. They have such contempt for average, ordinary people thinking they can’t do anything on their own. They’re not smart enough to decide what to do with their own money. They’re not smart enough to go through life, navigate life, make the right choices. Liberals, government needs to do it for them.

It’s the exact opposite. It’s like raising children or motivating people in a classroom or at a company. You let them know what’s expected of them and they’ll go out and prove to you that your expectations can be met. That’s what the soft bigotry of low expectations is. When you have low expectations of people, as leftists do, that’s its own form of bigotry, when you don’t think people can do something. But when you think they can and know they can and you tell them that you’re expecting them to because you know they can, and they’re needed, you watch ’em respond.

This is a tremendous way to react to this. And we didn’t hear this in New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. We got sob story after sob story from TV reporters on the ground all the way down to the state and local officials, blaming themselves for not demanding evacuation or blaming somebody else in government, FEMA this, FEMA that, didn’t get people in place.

But at no time were people there told they were needed to help get everything back and up and running.


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