Ha! Ha-Ha! RUSH: Obama And Hillary Go All-In On The NFL And The War On Women

RUSH: Two different national figures have weighed in on our pop culture and politics and sports leagues. One of them, the president of the United States. This is at the White House today. Obama hosted an event to launch the It’s On Us campaign. Do you know what that is, the It’s On Us campaign?

Well, it’s “a new public awareness and action campaign designed to prevent sexual assault taught at colleges and universities and to change the culture on our campuses and to better engage men in this effort.” So within a week of this subject blowing up in the NFL, the White House has an instantaneous plan — the It’s On Us campaign — to straighten this up. It’s On Us to engage men and to get them to shape up. It’s On Us to design programs to prevent sexual abuse at colleges and universities.

Here is a portion of what President Obama said.

OBAMA: Today we’re taking a step and joining with people across the country to change our culture and help prevent sexual assault from happening. ‘Cause that’s where prevention … (pause) Uhhh, that’s what prevention’s gonna require. We’ve gotta have a fundamental shift in our culture. As far as we’ve come, the fact is that from sports leagues to pop culture to politics, our society still does not sufficiently value women. We still don’t condemn sexual assault as loudly as we should. We make excuses. We look the other way.

RUSH: How can he say that? With this orgy of blame that is going on here, the amount of conversation taking place, the attention focused on sexual abuse against women just in the NFL, and he says, “The fact is, our society still does not sufficiently value women? We still don’t condemn sexual assault as loudly as we should?” In what world is the man living? That’s all that happens in the NFL media today is the condemnation of sexual assault.


HILLARY:  Look at violence against women. Twenty years ago this week, my husband signed the Violence Against Women Act.

RUSH: (groaning)

HILLARY: It was a great victory, thanks to years of hard work from leaders like Vice President Biden.  But celebration of this anniversary was tempered by troubling news on many fronts, from the outrages of the NFL, to more assaults against women in uniform and at college.

RUSH:  War on Women.  They’re not going to abandon it.  They’re gonna ride it for all that it’s worth.  I mean, seriously, to brag about her husband’s record on women’s rights?  Ha! Ha-ha!

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