Greatest Catch Of All Time: MSNBC Caught Using Doctored Clip From Romney/Ryan Rally

This Via The Blaze: During Thursday‘s edition of TheBlaze TV’s Pat & Stu, one caller gives her account of the campaign rally.

“The crowd was yelling,” caller Sherry recounts, “the crowd was screaming ‘Romney! Romney!’ and Romney, being the gentleman [he is], we can‘t get in his head because he’s so stinking nice, he stopped us to add ‘Romney-Ryan.’”

“And if you watch the clip again, Ryan throws up his hand like ‘oh, you don’t have to add me to the chant,’” she adds.

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 Original Clip ViaPat & Stu

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Black Eyewitness Rush Caller: NBC Tells Whopper Of A Lie About ‘Romney-Ryan’ Chant In Ohio

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