Glenn Beck Predicts Massive Changes For Talk Radio: We Have ‘Had It’ With The GOP

This Via Erica Ritz @ TheBlaze

Glenn Beck on Friday predicted massive changes in talk radio over the coming years, saying that as far as he knows, the titans of the industry have all “had it” with the excuses of the GOP.

The fiery segment was a response to a caller on Beck’s radio program Thursday, who said Beck needs to stop “poisoning the well” for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie because conservatives may have to vote for him in 2016.

“Anyone else who feels this way, I want you to listen carefully,” Beck told his audience. “This isn’t the show for you. Let me tell you what we do on this show. We tell the truth as we know it. It’s not our job to make sure the Republicans get elected at just any cost. We will tell you what we truly believe.”

Beck said he believes people like Thursday’s caller will be “absolutely shocked” over the next few years, because he is “not the only one who’s had it with the GOP.”

“Sean Hannity has had it with the GOP,” Beck said. “Mark Levin has had it with the GOP. The biggest, quote, ‘shill of the GOP,’ as they have always liked to say, Rush Limbaugh, has had it with the GOP … So if you’re looking for shills for a political party, you’re probably going to have to shake talk radio.”


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