FLASHBACK 1991: Rush Limbaugh Interviews His Grandfather ‘Pop’ On His 100th Birthday

RUSH: Welcome, and I’m glad to see you on your hundredth birthday.  This is an amazing… I’ve got tingles, chills running up my back.

POP:  I am the one that I should think is more like you have described, in your own condition.  I’m delighted to be here.  Thank you for your introduction.  You have expressed praise that’s beyond what you should have said.

RUSH:  No, no, no. It’s Missouri.

POP:  Because I’m just a country boy —

RUSH:  Here we go.

POP:  — that came up from the country when there wasn’t anything else to do where I lived.

RUSH:  Well, I was gonna ask you about your boyhood.  You grew up, you were born in Sedgewickville, Missouri, which is in southeastern Missouri in 1891.  What was your boyhood like when you were growing up, and when did you leave home to start out on your career?

POP:  Well, I was born not in Sedgewickville.  Sedgewickville was our post office.  It was four miles away from the place of my birth.  I was born in a farm home on a little creek called Muddy Creek, and I was the last of eight children. And the family into which I came, when I was born, we lived in the usual farm home at that time, all of us working together.

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Rush Plays Clips Of His Grandfather, Rush Limbaugh Sr., His Teacher, And His Mom.

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