FASCINATING! RUSH: There’s A Lot Of Outrage About Sterling That’s ‘SILENT’

RUSH: I got a fascinating e-mail here from someone. I’m not gonna mention the name or the person that sent this because I’m not gonna get this person into trouble. This is not the first time I have heard this opinion. Everybody’s talking about this NBA thing and the Sterling situation and the fallout from it, and everybody’s got an opinion on it, and there’s a lot of outrage about this that’s silent.

People are afraid to speak up about it. I mean, when you see the glee and the happiness with which the media is reacting to what’s happened here, it’ll silence you. But this e-mail I have here, this is a great object lesson. “Dear Rush: Such selective indignation. Do what I did. Go online. You know what you can find, Rush? Doesn’t take very long at all.

“You can find eight NBA players and one coach, a total of nine men who have hooked up with 55 women and produced 72 children over the past few years with no marriages involved. This is also the NBA. The NBA is so concerned about one longtime racist idiot in a private conversation with his 50-year younger girlfriend. I’m sure glad they, the media and the NBA, are so happy to have cleaned up the league.”

Now, you let somebody actually go on the air on a television show tonight (or somebody on the radio today) and actually make that point, and do you know what’s gonna happen? Whoever says that is going to be set up as the next target once the “right” quote/unquote people hear about it. And you know what the explanation for this is going to be? You know what the reaction to this would be, if you make this point?

It’ll be blamed on “the white-dominant culture in this country.” It will be blamed on “socioeconomic forces.” The same reasons we are told why rap music’s lyrics are what they are. “It’s just our culture. It’s what you’ve been forcing us into.” This is one of those places you do not dare go. There just certain, I don’t know, call ’em truths or facts or whatever that you just don’t go there.

Particularly in the heat of the moment, where we are right now, that’s not at all what people want to hear. That’s not at all where we’re intending to go here. A lot of people are pointing things like this out, but silently and quietly, and they’re speaking to themselves hoping they’re not overheard, ’cause they don’t want to be ratted out. They don’t want to be tattled on.

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