FASCINATING! RUSH: The Clintons Are Not Gonna Stop Till Everybody Thinks They Were Broke


RUSH: In Denver, Clinton Global Initiative, this is Bill saying that they’re not out of touch, that they go to the grocery store on weekends together.

CLINTON:  It is factually true that we were several million dollars in debt.  Everybody now assumes that what happened in the intervening years was automatic.  I’m shocked that it’s happened.  I’m shocked that people still want me to come give talks.  She’s not out of touch and she advocated and worked as a senator for things that were good for ordinary people.  And before that, all her life.  And the people asking her questions should put this into some sort of context.

RUSH:  They’re not letting this go.  I tell you, this is fascinating.  The idea that they were broke, the Clintons are not gonna stop until everybody thinks it. (Clinton impression) “I mean, it was absolutely true.  I mean, I’m shocked, we were broke.  We absolutely had nothing.  And Hillary, she worked the Senate. I mean, she’s been tireless. She did things for ordinary people, and before that, for me.  And all her life she’s been advocating and working for –” An ordinary person?  Somebody lesser than the Clintons.  She talks to the ugly.  An ordinary person is somebody lesser than the Clintons who will benefit from the fact that the Clintons are alive thinking about the Clintons.

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