Everything You Think You Know About Rush Limbaugh Is Wrong

RUSH:  — you then head off and run with it, okay?  One of the things I have found as a practitioner of the written word is that sometimes — this doesn’t work when you’re speaking — but when you’re writing, it sometimes is a good hook to explain who your character is not.  It’s something that if a person got up and started saying: “Look, I’m not this, this, and this,” it wouldn’t fly. It would sound defensive.  But if you’re writing about somebody, for example, if you start out and say, “If you have never listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio, then everything you think you know about him is wrong.”  Then you’ve got your open right there. 

CALLER:  Well, I’ve written 10 pages, and that’s exactly how I started it.

RUSH:  Well, then you didn’t need me.  There you go. 

CALLER:  I was looking for the icing on the cake, if that makes it better.

RUSH:  Because it’s the key.  It’s the key.  You have to start by saying, “For those of you who have never listened to Rush Limbaugh,” comma, “everything you think you know about him is wrong.”  I guarantee you you’re gonna have every reader hooked.  And the people who have listened to me are gonna be interested anyway in addition, but you’ll have them hooked by telling them everything they think they know is wrong.

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