Did Daily Rushbo Help Triple Rick Santorum’s Campaign Fundraising?

A Jan 12 blog post on DailyRushbo.com where I asked “Did Rush Limbaugh Just Endorse Santorum In FL Primary?” was quickly picked up by Scott Baker at TheBlaze.com before being circulated by a number of other sites and conservative blogs, most notably Jon Bershad at Mediate and MJ Lee at Politico. Bret Baier and Steve Hayes also weighed in on Limbaugh’s Santorum endorsement debate on Fox News Special Report. Limbaugh later claimed the media had been ‘Brilliantly Played’ by Rush as he had the media thinking he endorsed Santorum.

Fast forward to today where Rush Limbaugh noted that Rick Santorum’s campaign fundraising has tripled since his quasi-endorsement. Did Daily Rushbo help Santorum triple his fundraising? Well it couldn’t have hurt. I know this is a bit of a stretch, but what the hey. At least I didn’t claim to have invented the internet.

Limbaugh: Rick Santorum Triples Campaign Fundraising


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