‘DAMN!’ Limbaugh Gets Choked Up Over Emotional Caller Saying Rush Needs A ‘Ronald Reagan Type’ Commemorative

CALLER: Can I make one last comment?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: You know, I haven’t talked to you in a long, long time. Um… (chokes up) Um, I’m gonna lose my composure, and we’re not looking for you to go anywhere for a long time, but when that day comes, you’re gonna need to have laid plans for a Ronald Reagan-type commemorative.

RUSH: (chuckles) Sheez.

CALLER: I was actually… I stood in line for eight hours, and it’ll be (chokes up) the saddest day of my life when you go.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: I’m sorry. I’ve listened to you since I was about 19, and you’re an inspiration. You’re one of the few people that I would have (chokes up) that sentiment for. So I apologize. I’m losing my composure there. Thank you for everything, Rush.

RUSH: Patrick, thank you for calling. I appreciate it. They told me on the other side of the glass he was crying. I could tell. Um…. Man, that’s… Whoa. Well, the only thing I can tell you is that I’m not envisioning that day. Wshew! That’s deep. That I need a Reagan-like event, and that he’s going to cry. That’s… Damn. Let me take a brief time-out. I don’t know quite how to react to it.


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