COURAGEOUS: Rush Caller Names Daughter ‘PALIN’ To ‘Strike Fear In The Hearts Of Liberals’

RUSH: David in Dallas, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It didn’t make the top 10, all-time favorites, but you knowingly named my last kid, my last daughter, and it came about in about 2009. You made the statement that there is no name out there that strikes fear in the hearts of liberals quite like the name… blank. And when you said it, I went, “That’s the name for my daughter.” I’m married to a Santa Cruz, California, hippie chick so we had to come to some compromise, but do you remember what you said?

RUSH: Do I remember the name that I chose?

CALLER: The name.

RUSH: The name.

CALLER: I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it, and I gotta tell you, you are 100% correct —

RUSH: Name for your daughter that the left hates?

CALLER: Yes. It’s kind of unconventional. It’s Palin.

RUSH: I’m still trying to think what it was. Oh! Oh! Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Don’t tell me you named your daughter Palin?

CALLER: I named my daughter Palin.

RUSH: Oh, gee. (laughing). First name or middle name?

CALLER: First.

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