‘CLINTON CASH’: Rush Limbaugh Interviews Bestselling Author Peter Schweizer

RUSH: Now we welcome to the program, Peter Schweizer, who has written the book called Clinton Cash, documenting all kinds of pay-for-play activity.  Welcome to the program, Peter.  Great to have you back here.

SCHWEIZER:  Oh, thanks so much, Rush.  It’s great to be on with you.

RUSH:  I heard you say earlier today that your book, you never intended it to be a legal document, that it was simply a recounting, a recollection, an assemblage of behavioral patterns that really, really look curious.  I think I read in the Wall Street Journal the FBI has interviewed you some two or three times about this?

SCHWEIZER:  Yes.  The book came out May of last year.  I’ve had contact, really up until the earlier part of this year in February.  I think they got essentially what they needed from me and —

RUSH:  What did they ask you?  What kind of questions did they ask you?

SCHWEIZER:  They were particularly interested in stories that are in the book.  You know, we’ve got the story on Russian uranium, which not only was in the book, we shared the information with the New York Times investigative unit. They ran a 4,000-word front page piece talking about it.  They’re interested in that.  They’re interested in Haiti.  We broke the stories about how the Clintons were, you know, really giving contracts to Clinton Foundation donors in Haitian reconstruction.

The Washington Post ran three front-page stories based on the material in the book, including the fact that Hillary’s brother scored a gold mining concession in Haiti.  So those were the areas of interest.  And, you know, what you said at the top of the hour, Rush, is absolutely right.  I mean, the mainstream media’s approach to this has really shocked in a lot of ways because there are a lot of great investigative reporters at the New York Times, at ABC, at the Washington Post who broke this story, but now the political reporters don’t want to go there and don’t want to discuss this.


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