CLASSIC RUSH: ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Strike On Shopping Was Cooked Up By Their HUSBANDS

RUSH: Did you see that today is a Day Without Women? Have you heard that? It’s something like that, Day Without Women rally. The organizers here are encouraging women not to shop. Now, how much do you want to bet that idea was cooked up by their husbands? You know that there have to be some men behind this encouraging women not to shop and making it some celebratory day. Where do you sign up, guys, right? (laughing) Where do you go to encourage this? I mean, that’s assuming many of marchers are married. That may be a big assumption when it comes to this march.

They’re telling the organizers to wear red, pretty fitting. You know, International Women’s Day, do you know that the roots of International Women’s Day — just need to pass this on — it’s a communist holiday. It honestly is, folks. International Women’s Day is a United Nations Day, March 8th, 1917 is the day that some say a demonstration by women textile workers in St. Petersburg in Russia, not Florida, set off the Russian revolution. Honest to God, so International Women’s Day, just like May Day and just like Earth Day all have roots to Marxism and the Bolsheviks and the Soviets. But that little proviso about women not shopping, how do you argue with that? I just love stereotypical humor. I know some of you are shooting daggers at me out there.


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