Chris Matthews Gets “Sununu’d”, Called ‘Dumb’ Straight To His Face

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This Via Noel Sheppard @ NewsBusters:

SUNUNU: Romney has made it clear that the capital gains rate will stay at fifteen percent.

MATTHEWS: So he’s against Ryan on that one too?

SUNUNU: No, he’s for Romney, and Ryan is supporting the Romney plan.

MATTHEWS: This is wild, this is wild.

SUNUNU: Who do you want to?

MATTHEWS: Well, because this is what the problem with your ticket is. You got the leader of the ticket…

SUNUNU: You know, here’s your problem. Here’s your problem: you guys don’t understand there’s a guy at the top of the ticket. I’m not dumb enough to pick the fact that the guy at the second place is going to call the shots.

MATTHEWS: Okay, I get your point, and here’s the point. We can talk about Romney, but we can’t talk about his years at Bain.

SUNUNU: Sure you can.

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