Chicago Tribune Rips Off Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Environmentalist Wacko’ Super Bowl Pick Method

RUSH: Folks, somebody has ripped me off.  A guy has ripped off the environmentalist wacko method of picking football games.  It’s in the Chicago Tribune and the guy’s name is Rex Huppke: “Tips for a Properly Politicized Super Bowl Sunday — Ideological divide carries over on Game Day.”

H.R. found this story for me.  He said, “Basically this guy stole your environmentalist wacko football pick gimmick.”  It’s not a gimmick, it works, it’s real.  He said the Broncos are the libs in this game, and the Seahawks are the conservatives, according to the way this guy has done his environmentalist wacko pick.  Well, I’ll explain it.  He says, “If you’re a liberal, you definitely want to pull for the Broncos.” And here are some of the reasons.  “Quarterback Peyton Manning is known for distributing the ball fairly evenly among his receivers. That’s socialism.” That would never be part of the environmental wacko pick.  He’d never do it that way.

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Tips For A Properly Politicized Super Bowl Sunday

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