Buck Sexton Gives Aunt Of Boston Bombing Suspects EPIC ‘BUCK SLAP’: “Two Terrorists. One Down, One To Go.”

DR: I must say that I just became a HUGE fan of Buck Sexton.


This Via TheBlaze:

“I have to ask you, you have doubts about the guilt of your two nephews, is that what you’re telling me now?” Sexton asked.

“It’s not even doubts,” the woman responded.  “I strongly believe these boys are innocent.”

She inquired: “If that happened, why don’t we have any materials that can be shown to people?  Where are they?  All I hear on the public TV is, you know, these officials said this.  Those officials said that…”

Sexton interrupted:

“We have surveillance footage.  We have the dead body of one of your nephews who was in a shootout with police.  He had an IED strapped to his chest.  Ms. Tsarnaev…they are accused of killing an 8-year-old boy.  You have got to be kidding me….180 people…You know what?  You’ve made — your case is nonsense.  I can’t take it.  They are going to face the full weight of justice.  You called in, you had your say, we know what’s happening now, and I’m sorry but I can’t take it anymore.  Two terrorists.  One down, one to go.

And at that, Sexton cut to a commercial.

Listen to the EPIC ‘BUCK SLAP’ below:

Read Full Story By Erica Ritz @ The Blaze



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