BRING IT ON!! RUSH: Democrats Will Go Nuclear On Any Trump SCOTUS Pick, So Choose A ‘1000% Conservative!’

RUSH: We got Trump’s Supreme Court nomination. Every network’s doing a countdown: Seven hours, 41 minutes, 25 seconds and counting! It doesn’t matter who it is. Well, actually it does.

Actually it does matter now because the Democrats have signaled that they’re gonna go nuclear on this. I’m gonna explain what this means. I’ve found in talking to people that they don’t know what the nuclear option means or is. They think they do but they don’t, just like people think the Statue of Liberty is about immigration. It isn’t. It never was about immigration. The left… That’s another thing the left’s appropriated. The Statue of Liberty is about liberty and freedom, and it’s a thanks to the United States for ensuring it around the world. It had nothing to do with immigration. But the left has appropriated it using that poem written by Emma Lazarus was a fundraising letter to pay for the pedestal for the darn thing.

Anyway, we just have much to sort out here, but the nuclear option being triggered means it doesn’t matter who Trump nominates. See, the theory was that Trump could nominate initially somebody less than a full-fledged hardliner, somebody that might be somewhat acceptable to moderates, somebody about whom it could be said is not guaranteed to be doctrinaire conservative in order to get the guy confirmed. Well, if the Democrats are gonna go nuclear from the get-go, then you may as well nominate the full-fledged, 1000% conservative. Bring it on! Take off the gloves. Let’s get the fists ready to go and get this administration up to speed on just what liberalism is, who liberals are, and how to oppose them.


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