RUSH:  From the New York Post:  “Obama is Helping Trump with Cabinet Picks.”  Okay, let’s examine this. (interruption)  No, no.  Why are you reacting that way?  Well, no.  Obama believes it, and that’s the key.  Do not forget what I told you.  Remember after the 10-minute Oval Office meeting that stretched to 90 minutes between the Trumpster and Obama, and Trump came out of there talking about what a great guy Obama was and how much Trump says he had learned and how much Trump said he was going to be relying on Obama’s advice.

Do you remember what I told you in explaining that?  You remember?  The shorthand was, we are at a very precariously dangerous point in our country.  This is what I said back then after the Oval Orifice meeting.  Donald Trump’s not gonna be president for two months.  The people who lost, the people who have been repudiated, humiliated, still control all the levers of power.  And, as such, we have — by the way, don’t anybody tell Obama I’m saying this ’cause by explaining this I’m destroying the whole strategy here.  So don’t anybody tell anybody that knows Obama that I’m saying this.

But Trump had to make Obama think that he was relevant, useful, helpful, because we’re really in a dangerous — and we still are.  We were and we still are in a very precariously balanced circumstance or situation.  So I think it was brilliant what Trump said.  A lot of people were frightened by it.  You know, because Trump’s still, to a lot of people, a newcomer. Like Paul Ryan’s out there (paraphrasing), “You know what, I’ve really gotten to know this guy now, and I like him. I really like this guy.  He can be very forgiving.”

Something about human nature that never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve known Donald Trump for years.  I have never been frightened by one thought or thing of Donald Trump, and yet listening to people who don’t know him but should have some measure of common sense about the guy, he’s lived his life, and he’s not done all these horrible things people say he’s capable of.  I don’t understand the surprise.

I’m shocked when people claim they find out I’m a nice guy.  It doesn’t make any sense.  I’m a nice guy every day, and I’ve been a nice guy for 30 years on this program.  Maybe not to the left, but just in terms of my behavior and comportment, I’m a nice guy.  And so’s Trump.  So I don’t understand the surprise people have.

But, anyway, back to this, you can see that whatever advice Obama’s giving Trump he’s totally ignoring it, but he’s still claiming that Obama’s advice is valuable.  He’s still talking about how much he likes Obama, how much he’s learning from Obama and how much he’s gonna continue to rely on Obama.  Believe me, folks, I’m here to tell you that is brilliant.


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